Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Naked Feet

Two things about this outfit:
1. The whole thing cost less than my left shoe. 
2. My shoes are the best things around and everyone should go buy a pair or 5 right now. 

Besides the fact that I look like I don't have shoes on, these shoes are the best thing since sliced bread. They are $20 at Payless, but literally the most comfortable things that my feet have ever been in. I have them in this tan color and then a nude with a black toe and I get a million compliments on them. I would have paid $40 for them. They are squishy inside and offer way more support than most flats. You can find them here . Don't believe me? Read all of the reviews. 

I am obsessed with my shirt and it's colors. Best $6 ever spent. And my skirt? $2 at Charlotte Russe. I was there the other day with Donnie and scooped up on about 7 pencil skirts- all on sale for $2 each. Boo ya. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fate Spade

Hello blogland!

I can't even begin to explain my excitement for posting today! Being back on this little piece of the internet that is mine makes me feel so happy. Between finishing up my Master's degree, moving, planning a wedding, and various other things, my blog has been quite neglected. I wish so badly that I could commit to being more consistent- and maybe now I can. To be honest, I started to feel overwhelmed when I was blogging. I felt like I needed to provide outfits that everyone could wear/alter to fit their lifestyle, but that became extremely exhausting. I am finally ok with putting outfits up that I wear on a regular basis. Spontaneous pictures that show how I dress on a regular basis- preppy, preppy, and a little more preppy.

Speaking of preppy. I stalked followed a girl wearing the cutest pink striped dress at the mall the other day. When I realized it was a $400 Kate Spade dress, I felt my heart break a little. When I found this dress at forver 21 yesterday, I knew it was fate. Fate Spade. I love this dress more than the original dress and wish they had every color in the rainbow- I would buy them all and never wear anything else. This dress is that amazing. (Ignore the bad quality)

Forever 21 $27.80  {on the left}
Kate Spade $398 {on the right}

I've also decided to share a couple random outfits from my phone. Phone quality pictures= sorry about the quality.

New York and Company Shirt  styled 3 different ways. This shirt is one of my favs and on sale for $20 right now. It also looks cute with jeans and untucked.

My favorite Vera Wang sweater with TULLE underneath it! $14 at Kohls!

$8 Target skirt (also shown above)

That's all I have for today! But boy does it feel great to be back!!! 

xoxo Nicole
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