What is Real Life Dress Up? 

This little blog is about dressing up your real life- making it the life you want and have always wanted.

For me- I dress up my life through clothes, recipes, crafts, home decor, work, living, and being the best wife I can be.I think everyone plays real life dress up in their real life.So join me on this adventure where I share ways in which I dress up my life...

Who is behind Real Life Dress Up? 

Hi all!

My name is Nicole and I am a mid 20 year old, San Diego resident. Through college, internships and the various positions I've had, one thing that is always constant is my desire to "dress the part" and feel good about it. I am a dedicated budget shopper and after lots of questions and encouragement from close friends, I have finally decided to share what I know.

I believe in dressing up your life and making it the life you want. I used to be fascinated by shows that featured single women living in New York, dressing fancy and having the time of their lives. While that life isn't realistic for me (I am married and love being home), the life I do have is great and is worthy of being dressed up. Dress up your kitchen, dress up yourself, but don't let current things that can be dressed up keep you down! You're the lead role in your life- dress the part!

A little bit more about myself: I am newly married and so in love with every aspect of it. I work as a counselor at a local university and I am always looking for creative adventures. I have been an avid shopper and fashion lover since middle school and everything I know, or think I know, is completely self taught or my opinion. I am looking forward to helping others dress up their lives! I love helping others develop their own style and seeing their confidence instantly boost!

Send me an email and get personal with me. I want this blog to be interactive and a fun place to go!

Why do I blog?

  • I blog because I have seen how fashion affects people on a daily basis. When someone feels good in their clothes, their confidence gets projected through their actions. 
  • I blog because when I graduated college and went into the working work, I had no idea how to dress. I didn't want to spend a whole of money on a new wardrobe, so I learned how make my current clothes into working clothes by adding key pieces. 
  • I blog because I love dressing up and seeing how it influences my day and how people respond to it.
  • I blog because I am a good shopper and want to help others understand the benefit of shopping sales racks and thrift stores. 
  • I blog because I hope to inspire others to remix their closets, spend less on clothes, get more creative with their outfits and feel better about their wardrobes. 
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