Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Naked Feet

Two things about this outfit:
1. The whole thing cost less than my left shoe. 
2. My shoes are the best things around and everyone should go buy a pair or 5 right now. 

Besides the fact that I look like I don't have shoes on, these shoes are the best thing since sliced bread. They are $20 at Payless, but literally the most comfortable things that my feet have ever been in. I have them in this tan color and then a nude with a black toe and I get a million compliments on them. I would have paid $40 for them. They are squishy inside and offer way more support than most flats. You can find them here . Don't believe me? Read all of the reviews. 

I am obsessed with my shirt and it's colors. Best $6 ever spent. And my skirt? $2 at Charlotte Russe. I was there the other day with Donnie and scooped up on about 7 pencil skirts- all on sale for $2 each. Boo ya. 


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