Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Scalloped Skirt.

I'm a little disappointed that you can't see that scallops on my skirt because that is why I love it so very much. But, I am running later and later every minute that I spend on pictures. And I still need to stop for gas. Fingers crossed for no traffic this morning. Seriously. Cross those little fingers right now. This shirt I bought at Macy's in Boston last winter; the day after my first Thanksgiving alone in my entire life. Now that I think about it, it's kind of a sad shirt.

Skirt: F21 $5.99
Shirt: Macys $5
Ruffle Shirt: Wet Seal $4
Belt: F21 $3ish
Shoes: Ross $12

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 2.

It's day 2 of this storm weather in San Diego, and boy was dressing quite the challenge today. I skipped the scalloped skirt outfit that I have been dying to wear and decided to "take advantage" of being able to dress cozy. I looked in my closet and had no idea where to start, so I did what any Southern California girl would do and grabbed my rain boots. And by rain books I mean my Madden Girl little booties with a thicker heel for wet weather. Then I had to pick out pants, yes pants. Needless to say, I am a terrible cold weather dresser. I felt so out of my element and confused; my desire to look cozy failed majorly. However, all was well when I ended up listening to Christmas music on the way to work, because let's be honest, you have to take advantage of these cold days when they come around. ;)

Pants: Ross $9
Shirt: Loft (thrifted) $3
Jacket: F21 via a different boutique $10
Scarf: gifted from my dad for Christmas
Shoes: Marshalls in Boston $30

Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Going on a Picnic And I'm Bringing an....

umbrella! Looks like winter has decide to hit San Diego for a few days. Rain and wind and the whole 10 yards leaves me feeling like I wish I owned an umbrella. I also have had a few Marilyn Monroe moments today... I don't know how you cold weather people do it!

It took me quite some time to figure out what to do with this skirt. The second I put it on (it was $3 thrifted), I knew I loved it and figured I would work out the details of how to wear it when I got home. But this was a tough piece, which sparked a thought. We all have tough pieces to wear, they are those pieces just sitting in our closets waiting for their other perfect counterpart to finally complete the outfit. But what if we had a segment of "how to wear it" where you all sent in a picture of an item that you need a little new perspective on, and I tried to pair it with a few different outfit choices and color concepts? I want this blog to be as interactive as possible, and I thought that would be fun! Thoughts? Who would participate??

Hope everyone is staying warm today!

Skirt: thrifted $3
Striped Shirt: Wet Seal $4
Sweater: Nordstrom, BP via my sister
Belt: Thrifted $1
Shoes: F21 $9

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blazer Repeater.

Funny how this denim blazer has been sitting in my closet for a few months now, completely untouched, and suddenly I decide to wear it twice in the same week.

Although, I felt okay about wearing it because a: it seemed like the right choice to make, b: I wanted to see if I could pull off an open blazer with jeans like every other blogger can and c: It looks completely different than it did when it was belted with the dress.

Also, I can't seem to get the lighting right outside. Looks like I will be sticking to my entry way for a while.

Denim Blazer: Goodwill $5
Lacey Shirt: $5.99
Necklace: F21 $3.80 (here)
Pants: Ross $9
Sandals: Madden Girl via Ross $8
Bracelets: various sets from CottonOn $1

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shorty McShort.

Dear Blog,

I'm not sure if I have fooled you with my constant usage of heels, but at the end of the day when my heels come off, I am a shorty pants. Today's outfit is proof of my height (or lack there of). But, I couldn't bring myself to wear heels today. After 5 days of constant heels, my feet long for the weekend.

I'm on the fence with this outfit. I just got the sweater in the mail from F21 and I was so excited when I saw it on sale, that I didn't notice that it's kind of shaggy/furry. But, we shall see how people respond to it today.

Happy Saturday!

Shirt: Forever21 $5.99
Pants: K-mart (I KNOW, right?!) $5
Flats: Ross $9
Necklace: Target (gifted)
Bracelet: Claires $1 (I'm telling you, 10 for $10 it's where it's at!) 


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Size 14.

This shirt is a size 14. And I'm not sure what that means. Because it fits like a small or medium. What I do know is it's squares and not dots; polka squares? I am SO excited for tomorrows post, as I had a box from forever21 waiting on my doorstep when I got home. And tomorrow, I'm going to show you ladies how to save even more money from a store that most people already think is cheap enough! Happy Friday! 

Shirt: thrifted $3
Scarf: F21 $6
Skirt: Ross (very recently) $6.99
Belt: Thrifted $1
Shoes: My mommas closet :) 


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

If the Shoe Doesn't fit

These shoes were only $10. But they are a size 7 and my foot is a size 6. But they were $10 and I loved them. So I made a decision in the store, based on walking to the mirror and back to the rack, that walking in them wasn't so terrible.

Well, 5 hours into the day my legs started hurting really bad from trying to keep them on. So moral of the story is; if the shoe doesn't fit, it's going to hurt.

However, I received about a million compliments on them and I love them. So I guess the pain is okay every now and then.

Skirt: my sisters closet for the great price of free 99!
Under shirt: H&M (via my sisters closet again)
Sweater: Express (thrifted) $1
Shoes: Charlotte Russe $10
Belt: f21 $1.50
Necklace: little store in a San Diego mall $2

Also, I'm being featured over at Sugar and Spice today! Go take a looksie! 


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stripe Love

Planning an outfit around shoes is one of my favorite and least favorite things ever. My favorite in the sense that it's a challenge. My least favorite in the sense that I constantly wonder if I am too matchy matchy. Typically shoes are the last thing I pick out, as I feel like there is more leniency for not matching those.

I bought these shoes 70% off at DSW and I have been itching to wear them. But it has taken quite some time as I wanted to be careful not to rush into an outfit and regret wearing it all day. Does anyone else hate their life all day if they realize in the morning that they dislike their outfit?

I got this shirt from F21 on sale last night for $6 and fell in love with it. When it's not tucked in it's big and baggy and I can't wait to wear it with jeans and heels.

I originally had a flower on my belt that is actually a headband. I couldn't decide if it was too cheesy so I chickened out and took it off last minute. What do you guys think? 

Shirt: F21 $6
Skirt: F21 $7
Belt: Thrifted $3
Shoes: Rampage via DSW $15

Happy Tuesday! 

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sicky Sicky girl.

I have to apologize for the lack of posts the past 5 days. I woke up on Thursday morning to a room that was spinning, followed by falling off of the bed with the inability to walk straight. After a couple of hours of trying to sleep it off, I was determined to get to work. I stumbled out of bed, picked out an outfit that didn't involve heels and put my best foot forward. On my way to work I was even thinking "I'm going to blog about how to fake not being sick," it included details on how to use glasses to your advantage and throwing on a scarf to look more put together.

Well, imagine my surprise when I get to work and instantly get told by many people that I look terrible and need to go home. Threw my blogging idea completely out the window.

So here I am, 5 days later and ready to get back into work and blogging.

Also, while I was out in bed, I started going through a lot of VERY old pictures and found too many pictures of outfits that should have never been worn. Which makes me wonder if I owned mirrors in high school or the beginning of college. Anyone else ever have those "what was I thinking" moments?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Readers Beware,

.... Colors in these pictures are not what they appear. 

My cardigan was a coral color, so why it appears red no matter how much I try to adjust the pictures is beyond my knowledge. 

And my trick for wearing skirts in the rain and cold? Stockings ladies, stockings. Granted I do live in Southern California where our cold weather is limited, stockings are an essential for winter skirts and white legs. 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day! Donnie and I had a nice little dinner and saw The Vow! So blessed for another year with him! What did everyone wear on Valentines?! If you don't blog, post a link to your favorite valentines outfit and CASE it for next year! :)

Skirt: thrifted $3
Shirt: Charlotte Russe (old) $10
Necklace: Target (old) $12
Shoes: Ross $12


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