Monday, April 1, 2013

Army Strong.

Hi lovies!

Happy Monday! I have been seeking a pair of army green pants for probably a year now. All of the army green pants I find either have pockets on the sides, are too casual, or fit weird. I knew that when I found these- they were it. I love versatile items and these pants have proven themselves to be just that- I casually rolled up the legs this weekend and paired with flats for a relaxed look and then added heels and unrolled when Monday morning came about.

I bought them from a little store that sells Forever 21 and target items for $10 each. Unfortunately, it looks like the only locations are in San Diego and their online website doesn't seem to be working or really up to par with the actual store. But, in the event that you're ever in Southern California, make sure to visit M's Clothing. It's addicting like high buns on a Monday morning.

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