Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This little blog of mine...

Every time I come back to this little space of mine in blogland, I am overwhelmed with emotions.
It makes me so happy to see that people come and visit this little piece of real estate, regardless of how bad I am with posting- which makes me sad, because I then realize that I am miserable at posting.

I've been thinking about this little blog of mine quite a bit lately- does it define me?
Does it accomplish the goals of its intent?
Does anybody care?
And here's what I have decided...

I love blogs for so many reasons, but the biggest reason is the inspiration I find in them.
I find honest moms inspiring- they help me put some serious thought behind how to raise my future Poffs,
I find fashion bloggers inspiring- they encourage me to think outside the box and create clothing combinations that build my confidence,
and I find home and craft blogs inspiring- they allow me to day dream about my current and future nests.
But I also find other blogs inspiring; business, design, life, food, etc. If it's a blog- I probably love it!
I love the communities that blogs build- the sharing of the ideas and tips, the encouragement; it's a community that aims to help others in all areas of life.

So what does that mean for my blog?
Real Life Dress Up.

It means that this little blog of mine is no longer just for clothes.
This little blog is about dressing up your real life- making it the life you want and have always wanted.
For me- I dress up my life through clothes, recipes, crafts, home decor, work, living, and being the best wife I can be.
I think everyone plays real life dress up in their real life.
So join me on this adventure where I share ways in which I dress up my life...

Speaking of.... wedding planning is finally over....

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