Thursday, January 26, 2012

Almost 24.

I hated this mornings outfit when I left today. I love the skirt, but felt the outfit lacked creativity of any kind. It was expected... nothing surprising about it. But it sure was a hit. People loved it. And then came "where did you get your skirt?" and once again, I shocked people. Slowly but surely I will start turning everyone in the office into thrift store goers.

Shirt: Target ($6)
Skirt: F21 (thrifted, nwt $5)
Heels: Ross ($12)
Belt: F21 ($6?)
Ring: F21 ($3)

The skirt came with a sash. But it looked like I was going to a birthday party. Speaking of birthdays (that segway totally wasn't planned), tomorrow is my last day as a 23 year old. And long story short, was challenged at work today that I wouldn't dress up like business Belle tomorrow. I love a good challenge, especially one that involves dressing up. Stay tuned for Beauty and the Beast goes business tomorrow. 

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