Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink Skirts

As of very recently, I am a skirt kind-of girl. I used to be a jeans and legging type of girl, & trust me, I still love those bad boys. But, there is just something so feminine and powerful about wearing skirts in the office. Pants are expected; skirts make me feel girly and confident in ways that pants never did. Even on days when I am dressed like Pepto Bismol from head to toe... skirts still manage to make me feel successful.

Here's my pink skirt from today. Followed by a different pink skirt last week. Two completely different looks. 

Shirt: Loft (thrifted) $3
Skirt: thrifted $1.99
Necklace: JcPennys $6
Belt: thrifted $1
Shoes: Nine West (gifted)

Shirt: Ann Taylor (thrifted) $1
Tank top: F21 $5
Skirt: Charlotte Russe (thrifted) $3
Belt: (thrifted) $.50
Shoes: Charlotte Russe $6




  1. I really like the flowers on your necklace on the top pictures. very fun.


  2. Yay for pink! Thanks so much for swinging by Momtrends' Monday Mingle to show off your style.

  3. Beautiful outfits! Thanks for linking up to the ABCs challenge.

  4. Pink definitely looks fabulous on you!

  5. I stumbled upon your blog and love it! You're adorable, and I love that you post what you wear everyday! This pink skirt, as I've flipped back through your last few months of posts, is definitely one of my favorites!


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