Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You're just not glittery enough

In high school, my catch phrase was "you're just not glittery enough." I thought there was no such thing as too much glitter, and fully believed that everyone could benefit from a little bit of sparkle in their life. When I was a junior in college, I had a baby pink rhinestoned blackberry case that I loved so dearly. But I will never forget that awkward moment when I sat down at an important meeting, placed my sparkly phone on the desk, and received questioning looks. After that meeting, the blackberry case came off and sparkles banished from my life- as I was on a journey to start my "career" and wanted to be taken seriously.

Welp, fast forward a few years and here I am wearing sparkly pink shoes to work. After a few rough lessons, I have learned that changing who you are is never a good thing. My life is a whole lot better with sparkle back in it, and no one is ever taking it away from me again.

Sweater: Cotton On $6
Shirt: F21 $9
Belt: Thrifted $1
Skirt: Ross $9
Socks: Claires $1
Shoes: Ross $13


Thanks for visiting! (P.s. Look around a little, this probably isn't the newest post if you're joining me from a link up party) (P.p.s. Following me would make my day... I have high hopes for this blog!)

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  1. CUTE! love the striped skirts with that pink cardigan!


  2. I'm totally loving the belted look. Found you through the Real Momma Real Style link. :)Following you now - hoping I made your day! and if you stop by for a visit that'd be great too. :)

  3. Thank you girls! @LeahJo... You did!!! But it's not letting me visit your site through the link! What's the address?

  4. Oh my you look gorgeous in your outfit. Awesome find!

    What I Wore

  5. Fun outfit! I never can get pairing prints quite right, so sadly usually settle for bo-ring! Thanks for sharing.

  6. oh my goodness that is totally the same skirt!!! Don't you love it?! we could wear it so many ways with so many different tops :) loooooove your shoes too. I'm glad you left the link to your outfit! :)

    The House of Shoes

  7. Love the SHOES! You totally pull off this look. New follower. (Saw you on Rolled Up Pretty Blog Hop). :)


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