Sunday, June 10, 2012


Summer is a season that I struggle with when it comes to dressing. Not because I don't like summer clothes, but because I have a REALLY hard time justifying summer clothes when I spend most of my waking hours in the office. Buying summer clothes just seems so pointless when I am only going to wear them on Saturday and Sunday. But recently I did invest in a few things and they have made dressing on the weekends a lot easier. These lace shorts were something I had been eyeing for forever, and the lime shorts were $4 at Target. Two pieces made a huge difference in using clothes that I already had, especially one of my favorite statement necklaces.

Here's a better picture of the lace...

Top picture
Skirt: f21 $20
Coral shirt: thrift store $1.50
Denim Jacket: Ross $12
Aqua Necklace: Target (very old)

Bottom picture
Shorts: Target $4
Shirt: F21 $5 (twin shirt as seen here)

Does anyone else struggle with justifying summer clothes?


  1. Living in Chicago makes it hard to justify summer clothes. How much can I really wear them? I'm moving back to Texas soon, so I think I'll have no problem justifying it then!

    In general, I try to find pieces I can wear as teacher & on weekends. As a result I have a shameful amount of skirts and sun dresses that I just add cardigans (and tights in Chicago) to.

  2. two absolutely adorable outfits! love your sweet style! xoxo linds {{}}

  3. Loving your blog! I am your newest follower!

  4. those white scalloped shorts are SO darling!


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