Saturday, April 28, 2012


After living in San Diego for most of my life, I think I am finally starting to figure out that we do have seasons, but they are just delayed. For example, Sept-Jan is typically still very warm while the rest of the country gets snowed out. I can't remember the last Christmas I didn't wear a dress or shorts. But then February through April/May is gloomy, rainy and sucky, so when all the other states are finally starting to experience warmth again, our cold season is starting. I felt like this intro was needed for my Friday and Saturday outfits. Why? Because one is for our cold weather yesterday and one is for our warm weather today. 

Shirt: f21 $5

Shirt: Pink Zone $4.95
Shorts: f21 $11


  1. i went to pink zone last time i was in SD, and it is AMAZING!! so so cute! i love your outfits :)

  2. I REALLY need to go shopping at F21. I always see the cutest things from there and for such great prices (like your shirt)! Too bad the closest one to me is 40 minutes away!! :(


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