Thursday, February 2, 2012

I know my Calculus...

Hitting snooze 3 times + no outfit picked out for work x 15 minutes to get ready= mediocre outfit and very bad pictures.

Yep, sleeping in felt amazing. Being rushed didn't feel so great. Luckily I had worn this shirt on my birthday and I loved this necklace with it. Pairing it with the yellow pencil skirt seemed like the natural thing to do, but it still looked a little blah. Throwing on a blue ruffly shirt underneath it made me feel more confident about the outfit for work. It looks like a collared shirt, but it's a ruffly tank top type shirt that I really never wear. Moral of the story: sometimes it pays to keep things you never wear in your closet, regardless of what those over acheiver- closet organizer people say. 

Here's the shirt as I wore it for my Birthday: (I didn't get a direct picture, this was the closest thing)

And here is how I wore the shirt/necklace to work today:

Shirt: Charlotte Russe ($10), Blue under ruffly shirt: Random store that was closing ($1), Skirt: F21 ($7), Necklace: Charlotte Russe ($8), Belt: F21 ($1.50), Shoes: Gifted

**My apologizes for the VERY poor quality of pictures. This is what lateness looks like**


  1. I love what the yellow skirt does to the outfit. You did a much better job than I would've if I had slept in! Kuddos.

  2. Great Outfit! Love the yellow skirt and necklace ;)


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