Sunday, September 29, 2013

The story of my $8 Phillip Lim purse

For weeks I have been watching everyone on blogland post about their 3-1 Phillip Lim purchases at Target.
I've window shopped online a few times and one time this little baby made its way into my imaginary cart.
However, like all online window shopping experiences go, the shopping ended when I hit that little red exit in the corner and carried on with life. 

I was at Target today and, like all good Target trips, I ended up browsing through the purses. 
As I was looking through some clearance purses, my eyes drifted to the purse I remembered from my online experience, but I instantly assumed it was just placed in the clearance section by mistake and kept walking.
15 seconds later, my natural curiosity kicked in and I slowly reversed.
I held my breath as I flipped over the price tag; confident that there would be no red tag.
I literally squealed when I saw the red tag and when I saw the price, I squinted my eyes and looked closer; surely I was reading the tag wrong and this $45 purse wasn't on sale for $8.

While checking out, the cashier loudly gasped at the tag and I thought she was going to tell me that the purse had been terribly mismatched.
But she didn't. She simply rang it up and we both watched as $8.76 popped up on the screen.
After lots of oohing and aahing from her and other employees, I was told that online items are marked down when returned to stores because there is no place for them.
I was also told that deals like this are not rare and that in fact, the grey one has popped up a few times in the last couple of weeks.
Moral of the story?

Run to Target. Every Target. And go every day.

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  1. I am already addicted to target but this definitely amps up my obsession!!!

  2. I completely agree! I'm even going to the Target by my work on my lunch break to see if I can get lucky again!

  3. Visiting from Sunday Style. Whoa......what a Great buy! Thanks for the info, I am on my way to Tarjaay this evening.

  4. No way!!! This is insanity!! I am hitting up the clearance sections at every Target in town!! This is the deal of the century!! Thanks for sharing Target's little secret!! :)

    1. I look at the purses EVERY time I go!

  5. Craziness! My Target sold out when they first came out; what a great deal! (Here from Style Exilir link up)

  6. NO!!!!! I was at Target at 8 am the morning the line came out. I bought 2 purses and ended up putting this one back because the closure was broken. It's an adorable purse - great buy!! I found you from Because Shanna Said So. :)



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