Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY: Reindeer Frame (free!)

Growing up, Christmas was always a production in our house.
The first Saturday of December was dedicated to spending hours pulling boxes of decorations out of the attic, listening to Nsync Christmas, and prancing around the house putting out the decorations- it was a whole day event that no one missed.

Fast forward to my first year living on my own and the sad realization of my lack of Christmas decor and even greater lack of funds:
With not a whole lot of money for decor, I had to become really crafty with how I would decorate, and wait for it... Pinterest didn't exist.
A few years later and I actually prefer crafting over buying decor now; it's just more personal and you can really personalize for your space.

The other day I did one of the easiest DIYs ever and it is now one of my favorite Christmas items.
No fancy craft things needed- just simply gather things from around the house.

Things you will need:
Any picture frame
One sheet of colored paper
One little piece of wrapping paper or scrapbook paper

1. Trace an outline of the reindeer (or you can print it out- I had just run out of ink & didn't want to wait until I visited the store) 

2. Find a frame around your house 

3. Trace the shape onto wrapping paper or scrapbook paper

 4. Mount the shape on a solid color and put in frame.

So easy and so cute!!!



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