Friday, November 1, 2013

Neutral Loving

My battery charger is here & just in time for casual Friday!

Because these riding boots are pretty casual, I wanted to counter balance the casualness with a blazer to still keep it office appropriate. The blazer is actually cotton, so it's super cozy- but the lining is silky to dress it up a little.

People always ask me why certain things work, so I thought I would begin to incorporate that into the posts (when appropriate). 

So why does this work? Because everything is neutrals- literally everything. When dealing with neautrals you can mix and match beige, black, brown, and tan. I kept the belt simple with denim, but there's also a good chance to be a little bolder with neutrals and add color right there. Neon green would be cute, red, yellow- really any color would add a little extra something. 

It feels so good to be back!

P.S. is anyone else loving Old Navy as much as me lately? I'm loving these graphic tees (also worn here


  1. i LOVE old navy! and this outfit. i just purchased the most amazing and comfortable leggings from old navy (wearing them now actually hehe). enjoy your weekend!

    1. I have always wondered if their leggings were comfortable-- I have just always been too lazy to try them on! It hasn't been until very recent that I have been loving Old Navy, but they sure seem to be consistently a top favorite store of mine now!


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