Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I almost paired this shirt with a deep navy pencil skirt. And when I remembered this skirt, I crossed my little fingers because the outfit looked so cute in my head. And it translated! I love when outfits look good in my head and continue to stay cute when I actually put them together. I didn't want to add too much to this outfit, I love it being simple. Sometimes less is more, ya know?

P.S. ignore the wrinkles. they are permanent and refuse to come out. I'm trying to not let them drive me insane.

Also, I need help with a presentation for Thursday. I'm trying to think of movies, shows or sayings that have helped me remember important dates and random things. When I was little, (and in college), schoolhouse rock helped me remember history dates. And I know other shows and sitcoms have taught me stuff... I just can't remember right now. Any ideas? What have you remembered as a direct result of watching it?

Shirt: f21 online sale $9
Skirt: Banana Republic via Goodwill $1.50
Belt: f21
Shoes: Target clearance $14
Earrings: Claires $1

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