Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snake skin & floral.

I was so excited to find this long lost cardigan. It's from Express (via Goodwill), but it's fitted and knitted and all sorts of cute! And the floral and snake combo? I needed to think of a way to make the snake print less animal print-y. I felt a solid would've made the skirt stand out a lot. Where as now, I don't think the main focal point is the skirt. Mission accomplished. 

Cardigan: Express via Goodwill $3
Floral Shirt: Nordstrom (sooo old)
Belt: f21
Skirt: Target via Goodwill $4 (softest skirt I own)

I hope that with all the thrifting outfits, it has been made very clear that I am not materialistic- not even the least bit. But, I have this problem with buying inexpensive bags for my computer/school work and having them rip 2 weeks later. And if I have learned anything from my one splurge purse, it's that paying for quality in situations like these is okay and justifiable.

So, now I am torn as to which one of these computer bags I want. I love all 3 designs and at $118 each, I can definitely only pick one. I immediately loved the middle one, but then decided that it may be a little too trendy. I'm looking for something that can last through the seasons. The one on the right is also sooo cute, but is it too little girly? In the end, I think the one of the left is the most me. I always pick stripes. But, the middle one may be the most mature for meetings and such. Help meeeee!!!!


  1. I like your choice of the one in the middle. Like you said, it may be of the latest trend; however, it's sutiable for your meetings/senimars. I have had teachers in the past that have chosen something like the one you described there in the picture. Good luck anyway. I'm sure you will find one soon. :)

  2. I like the middle one too. Same reasons as above.

    Nicole, I came by to award you the Liebster Blog Award! I just love your blog and everything that you show. I've gotten so many great ideas from you!

    Click on over here to grab your award and to see what to do with it :) Hope you haven't gotten it yet, let me know if so!


    Have an awesome day.

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

  3. terrified of snakes, therefore i don't like wearing snakeskin items. but the skirt is beautiful. maybe i'll invest.


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