Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Leopard Lovin'

I have always loved leopard in a "add a pop of detail" kind of way.
I typically use it as a neutral or combine it with stripes for a "safe" way to pattern mix.
But lately, I have felt so inspired to wear it past my normal ways of just adding a scarf or shoes.
An entire leopard dress or sweater seems so bold to me, but I also can see where it could instantly dress up an outfit without having to add too many other details.
I am all for pieces that would help me save time in the morning and throwing on a statement piece seems like a great time saver.
Here's a few things I am loving that are currently for sale- I am trying not to buy them all.
P.s. #2, #3, and #8 are all on sale. 

1  / 2  / 3  / 4
5  / 6  /  7  / 8

I am loving #2 and #5 and think that they need to make their way to my wardrobe. 
Which pieces are you loving?


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