Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shorty McShort.

Dear Blog,

I'm not sure if I have fooled you with my constant usage of heels, but at the end of the day when my heels come off, I am a shorty pants. Today's outfit is proof of my height (or lack there of). But, I couldn't bring myself to wear heels today. After 5 days of constant heels, my feet long for the weekend.

I'm on the fence with this outfit. I just got the sweater in the mail from F21 and I was so excited when I saw it on sale, that I didn't notice that it's kind of shaggy/furry. But, we shall see how people respond to it today.

Happy Saturday!

Shirt: Forever21 $5.99
Pants: K-mart (I KNOW, right?!) $5
Flats: Ross $9
Necklace: Target (gifted)
Bracelet: Claires $1 (I'm telling you, 10 for $10 it's where it's at!) 


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  1. I'm with you girl - I'm not *too* short, but 5'2'' is still three inches below average. :)

    Cute! I think it looks nice with the pants.


  2. I love that sweater! And I´m short too :(

    Love your outfit. C:

  3. I'm short too, so I totally feel your pain! I love the outfit! :)

  4. So lovely! And your hair too! The brewing company was a good stopping point (more reviews here: if you're heading way up out that way, but it's quite a trip from San Diego! <3 Sarah

  5. Love it! I am all about a nice animal print...those blush pants are amazing!!! I love a good sale!!!! Im new here !! visiting from Steppin Out Saturday!!!

  6. I spy an outfit that I absolutely love! Looks super comfy and you wear it well:D New to your blog and glad I found your creative space on the web. Happy Wednesday!

  7. SERIOUSLY - you put me to shame.
    Your deals ROCK... .and I thought I was good! Lovely outfit, your so stinkin' cute!


    PS: Pop on by Little Miss Mama if you can, I promise Tea is always served with a side of Fashion and the Cupcakes have a perfect cake to icing ratio <3


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