Monday, February 20, 2012

Sicky Sicky girl.

I have to apologize for the lack of posts the past 5 days. I woke up on Thursday morning to a room that was spinning, followed by falling off of the bed with the inability to walk straight. After a couple of hours of trying to sleep it off, I was determined to get to work. I stumbled out of bed, picked out an outfit that didn't involve heels and put my best foot forward. On my way to work I was even thinking "I'm going to blog about how to fake not being sick," it included details on how to use glasses to your advantage and throwing on a scarf to look more put together.

Well, imagine my surprise when I get to work and instantly get told by many people that I look terrible and need to go home. Threw my blogging idea completely out the window.

So here I am, 5 days later and ready to get back into work and blogging.

Also, while I was out in bed, I started going through a lot of VERY old pictures and found too many pictures of outfits that should have never been worn. Which makes me wonder if I owned mirrors in high school or the beginning of college. Anyone else ever have those "what was I thinking" moments?


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